Monday, October 17, 2011

Lake Powell 2011

The greatest place on the form of water, sand and plenty and surfing. Unless, of course, you are the pregnant one. Never the less, STILL the epic occasion of the year. Lake Powell is the one trip we (as in all of my Lake Powell junkies) look forward to. No sugar plum fairies dancing in our heads... Nay, we dream of little surfers cruising the dream waves!

Toodler skinny dipping. Really, this is the way of bathing in Lake Powell. You would do it too if you could!

Fact#1: A great trip that we all will discuss until more Lake Powell adventures occur.

Fact #2: You should join us next time.

Fact #3: The spacing of these pictures got the best of me. Period.


Christine said...

ryu is so adorable. i love it.

we all miss you at work and hope that everything is going okay!! and thanks for the scrubs!! they are a lifesaver.

Heidy said...

The picture of Ryu holding the cat fish it seriously one of the cutest pictures ever. It looks like you had fun. I had to laugh seeing the "old crew" all together+ some amazing wives to put up with them all. Ha ha ha. Great Pic's Suzy! Love you and miss you lots.